Justine Lee | Bringing America Together One Conversation At A Time

This week on Borderless, join our host Vale Sloane as he sits down with Justine Lee of Living Room Conversations and Make America Dinner Again. Through these organizations, her mission is to bring together Americans of every background and political persuasion in low-stakes environments like a meal or a home. She’s found that face-to-face conversations, in contrast to faceless internet interactions, have the power to build understanding and common ground between Americans, even when points of disagreement remain. By helping “lower the temperature” of the political environment in the U.S., these conversations are laying the foundations for a better country for all Americans.

You can read more about Living Room Conversations here: https://livingroomconversations.org/

Also, don’t miss our conversation about the Reason Foundation and their work to bring the message of the free market to Hispanic Americans! This population has a lower likelihood than other Americans of being familiar with the ideas of free market economics, but it’s just those ideas that have the power to help them achieve more prosperous lives.