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March: Women's History Month and More!

Our guide, Women, Leadership, and Power has been in our top ten guides for over a year. Did you also know that March is National Craft Month as well as National Nutrition Month? We have conversation guides relevant to them all. Check out our guides and have some great conversations (then let us know about it)!

Let’s Talk About Women

– watch a conversation –

Crafting Understanding
– a guide about
craft communities –

– a guide about
perspectives on food –

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...I had initially thought that the “Living Room Conversation” was simply a form of breaking the ice, but it was clear that the Living Room Conversation was more thought out and developed, asking more in-depth questions about everyone’s core beliefs.
Lake Dodson
Living Room Conversation Participant with Civic Synergy

Helping bridge the gaps among young adults

Read about how Civic Synergy, an organization aimed at bringing politically opposed young adults together, uses Living Room Conversations in their group sessions to build connection and trust.

“From there, with a facilitator’s help, participants have a strong base to collaborate and innovatively design new solutions that meet each of their interests, across the political spectrum.” Read more here!

Living Room Conversations can’t get enough of stories like this! Tell us about your Living Room Conversations experiences.


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