Happy New Year

We are pleased to share that The Reunited States will have its nationwide PBS Broadcast premieres beginning on January 6th! The film will have over 870 screenings on local PBS stations across the country, reaching over 200 million people!

Watch the documentary with friends and family, then have the Reunited States – Building Understanding in America Living Room Conversation. This topic guide was created so that folks could have meaningful conversations after having viewed the film. Consider inviting a friend with a different political perspective to view the film and then co-host the conversation with you in person or by video. Remember, when having a political living room conversation it is important to pay attention to view point diversity.

Who would you be curious to hear from?

In the Media

Our Executive Director, Justine Lee, was featured on CBS Evening News to share about Make America Dinner Again, the passion project she co-created and what ultimately led her to the bridge building space and Living Room Conversations.