LRC LIVE premiere: Communitarianism & Conservatism

The idea of conservatism evokes a spectrum of ideas, values and political positions. This conversation is designed to take a closer look at one point along this spectrum– “communitarianism”. This strain of conservativism involves prioritizing our local geographic identities while “conserving” our civic institutions (from the workplace to religious organizations) and what might be called “community commons” that anchor community life (parks, community centers, libraries and other common resources). The focus on community and localized public support stands in contrast to the individualism people may more readily associate with conservatism. Communitarianism suggests an antidote to the rising levels of loneliness and alienation while its emphasis on community and civic life resonates across political divides.

Check out the Communitarianism and Conservatism guide here (, created in collaboration with The American Project (, and watch the recorded conversation below.