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Women, Leadership, And Power

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Women, Leadership, And Power

What obstacles to power have you experienced or witnessed? Was gender a factor?

Women are increasingly sought out and encouraged to assume leadership positions in many walks of life, from business to community organizations to politics. While some call for further changes towards greater equality, others raise cautions about erasing any gender distinctions in an attempt to "make everything the same." Are there ways the further expansion of women's rights can complement traditional structures in society or are they destined to be at war? This broad topic on women and leadership can lead to many other conversations.

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  1. Mary Testin

    I served the Roman Catholic Church for over 45 years. Even with a B.A. and M.A. in theology the pay was dismal (the most I made was $45K) and the regular dismissal as a woman I suffered from the clergy made it impossible for me to continue. I am now retired and happily attending a different church (the Unitarians) who are much more inclusive and focused on justice. My experience was a church blind to its patriarchy and parishes closing from a lack of male clergy. Women have tremendous gifts to gather communities and encourage shared leadership. Too bad the male leadership still must cling to its past at the cost of God’s people.

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