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Universal Basic Income

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Universal Basic Income

If you knew you had a survival level of income, guaranteed, how would your life change?

The idea of a Universal Basic Income (UBI) or National Guaranteed Income has been around for decades with a recent rise in popularity post COVID-19. Successful pilots and proposed programs in Spain, Stockton California, and among Silicon Valley tech leaders have identified its potential to alleviate poverty. Some fear UBI will create dependency or encourage people to stay out of the workforce while others see it as a way to stimulate the economy. In a recent conversation, two former US presidential candidates- Julian Castro, Democrat, and John Kasich, Republican, looked for common ground across party lines. Kasich highlighted the need to “thread the needle” between avoiding a system that encourages people not to work while at the same time not having a system that doesn’t help people making their way to work. This conversation invites you to consider how a program like UBI could impact your life and community.

Background Information:
This guide was created in collaboration with our partner, Common Ground Committee, a citizen-led nonprofit focused on finding common ground and reducing polarization for a stronger nation. We recommend watching this brief video by them, featuring a short conversation on UBI between John Kasich and Julian Castro.

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