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Social, Emotional, and Spiritual Renewal for Youth

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Social, Emotional, and Spiritual Renewal for Youth

Describe a time when you felt like your school or adults in your life were listening to you. What did it feel like or look like?

When we talk about renewing our social, emotional and spiritual life, we are really talking about our mental health. Our mental health is tied to what we think about ourselves, how we connect with our family and friends, and if we feel like we belong. It is about our thoughts, feelings, and memories along with culture, early life experiences, where we live, our faith, and other factors. Mental Health and renewal of our social, emotional, and spiritual selves is critical because how we feel about ourselves and our connection to our schools, jobs, or communities influences our decisions and actions. This conversation guide is designed to help you consider your personal experiences, how you can support others, and what kind of impact we can have on a community.

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