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New York City - October 28 2015: Police officers from all over North America families of police and elected officials attended a viewing for slain NYPD officer Randolph Holder in Jamaica Queens

Police-Community Relations

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Police-Community Relations

What interactions have you had with police? What was that like for you? What impact does that have on your expectations for possible encounters in the future?

We all love our children and want our community to be safe. We have seen tragedy in our communities and want that to end. We all want law enforcement to be fair. And we want police to be able to do their job in a manner that is safe for them and the community. Let’s start with this as a given. Policing has become a point of discussion as violence crossing racial lines has provoked racial tensions and the mentally ill have in particular have a disproportionate loss of life in police interactions. Too often, the conversation remains paralyzed in fear or anger — with people unable to share deeply considered feelings and perspectives. We’re hoping these materials may contribute to a thoughtful exploration on this question.

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