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How does it feel when friends or family try to persuade you to change your mind or take action on something? When does it feel authentic? When do you feel manipulated?

Every day we are both being persuaded and attempting to persuade– from what to have for dinner to how to vote, when to recycle, or where to worship. We see this play out in the public square as devotees clamor for awareness of a particular social issue, worry about loved ones, or participate in democracy. How do we differentiate between authentic and manipulative persuasion? When do we give up or write someone/something off? When do we stay engaged in persuasion even when it’s difficult? This conversation explores when persuasion is effective and when it isn’t, as well as what we think is worth the effort and why.

background information:
This conversation is inspired in part by themes found in Anand Giriharadas’s book The Persuaders.

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