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What moves you to feel gratitude? What, if anything, gets in the way of you feeling gratitude?

If you were offered a simple way to improve your mental health, tap into happiness, and better your relationships, would you do it? Gratitude is a simple concept inviting people to notice and appreciate the world around them, from sunsets to a child laughing, to a kind gesture. While simple in nature, gratitude relies on our attention and intention as we go through our lives-- lives full of tasks, emergencies, responsibilities, and other worthy causes that demand our attention. In his film, Gratitude Revealed, Louie Schwartzberg celebrates beauty and wonder in its infinite forms, "Gratitude is the umbrella that includes feeling connected to something larger than yourself, to having the courage to open your heart and feel compassion…” Savoring a moment and gratitude for each day can make lives happier and more fulfilled. How do you approach gratitude? What impact has it had on your life? 

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