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Faith and the LGBTQ+ Community

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Faith and the LGBTQ+ Community

How do we maintain dignity in our relationship and connection to each other as we encounter varying beliefs and opinions around the intersection of faith, sexuality, and gender identity?

Views and conversations around homosexuality and gender identity have always been charged and particularly challenging within faith communities. At our best, we are able to see each other as fellow members of the family of God. At our worst, we perceive in each other a threat to our identity, core beliefs, and values. Conversations are often plagued by fear, tension, and disagreement in our views about how God would have us steward our sexuality and gender identity.
This is not a casual conversation, there is a lot on the line- LGBTQ+ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer) folks make up one of the highest at-risk populations in our communities. Individual faith and the core values and beliefs that form a foundation for that faith are critical for faith communities. How can we engage in better conversations in order to hold space for different lived experiences, care for, and better understand each other? Thinking of the Conversation Agreements, how will you listen and be curious? Show respect and suspend judgment? Be authentic and welcome that from others?

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