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Cancel Culture: Free Speech and Accountability

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Cancel Culture: Free Speech and Accountability

What do you see as the difference between “canceling someone” and “holding that person accountable”? What are some examples you have seen of this?

With the advance of technology, it's easy to broadcast our thoughts and feelings and connect with both friends and strangers online. With the rise of the 24/7 news cycle and social media, there has been an increase of high-profile cases in which people receive public rebuke or lose professional opportunities due something they do, say, or post online, or when something from their past surfaces. Some believe that these instances are appropriate forms of accountability, while others believe they represent an out-of-control "cancel culture" that violates the spirit of free speech.
This conversation provides an opportunity to discuss our personal relationships with free speech, the lines we draw for ourselves, and whether we see the need for lines to be drawn by the government and other public or private entities.

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