Workplaces have become increasingly challenging for leaders due to hybrid work models and generational differences in expectations. Add to that the increasing polarization of views on social and political topics, and many leaders avoid communication with their team members. Avoiding the conversation may be most comfortable, but this creates even bigger gaps in management/employee relationships.


The inability to form strong and trusting relationships with the people at work is a major contributor to low productivity, lack of passion and accountability, and resulting turnover. But how can leaders quickly feel comfortable and confident when handling these issues? Although the Covid related work culture disruption has created new challenges, there have also been valuable learnings. The ability to manage conflict in healthy ways is both learnable and a major contributor to high work productivity.

great guides to get the workplace conversation started

We have over 150 topic guides that invite users to talk about their values, their community, and their relationships. Leaders use our conversation guides to build understanding and a shared sense of belonging. These guides are customizable, enabling leaders to adjust them for the unique needs of the communities they serve. We are happy to do custom work as well.

customized training

We recognize that every business and organization has its own unique settings, successes, and challenges. We are committed to helping communities build connections through conversation and we will do our best to work within your budget. Whether you are looking for a low barrier-to-entry or for a large-scale workshop for your whole community, we can help you make that happen.

Example Services:

  • Conversation guide creation or adaptation
  • Program design and implementation support
  • Hosted conversations
  • Live-stream or recorded conversation events
  • Speaking and presenting
  • Dialogue consulting

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using Living Room Conversations as a consultant

As an open-source project, we advocate for their use and request attribution when using the conversation guides in whole or in part. We are grateful when leaders let us know about their use of the guides so we continue to learn together.

We hope that people using these guides will contribute to our organization so that we can continue to provide our resources to schools, not-for-profit organizations, clubs, faith communities, businesses, and more. If you are a consultant using these guides, we hope you will consider donating a percentage of your fee. If you are a manager in a business, please ask your finance department to make an appropriate contribution.

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