Wonderful News!

Wonderful news! Living Room Conversations is partnering in 2019-20 with The Fetzer Institute to answer core questions about the American public’s participation in dialogues for building empathy and bridging divides in the service of democracy.

Here is what we will accomplish together:

  1. Research Living Room Conversations’ effectiveness and further develop our theory of change;
  2. Help identify key questions needed to understand a wide range of bridge-building methods;
  3. Organize an in-person retreat for the Living Room Conversations team, which is distributed around the country.

The Fetzer Institute’s work centers on helping to build a spiritual foundation for a more loving world. One of the areas of overlap Living Room Conversations has with Fetzer is a deep sense of the importance of faith and values in this work—in particular faith in each other, and its ability to transform ourselves and nation.

We welcome your questions and look forward to updating you as the partnership progresses. Thank you for learning with us!

Together, we are shaping a more compassionate and engaged democracy.

–The Living Room Conversations Team

PS: It feels especially appropriate to share this inspirational article by Boise faith leader and Living Room Conversations staffer Chad Estes about the impact of a Living Room Conversations practice in a Boise faith community. We encourage you to share the link with leaders in your community who might find Living Room Conversations valuable.