When was the last time you talked politics with someone on the other side?

When was the last time you talked politics with someone on the other side?

Many people want to understand different perspectives, but don’t feel like they know someone with differing views that they can ask.

AllSides Talks is here to help.

We’re thrilled to partner with our friends at AllSides to bring people with differing political views together for conversations on important issues.

On Thursday, April 22, 2021, hundreds of people from across America will meet for one-on-one and small group conversations to discuss energy and the environment for Earth Day.

You’re invited to participate in AllSides Talks this Earth Day. Register HERE.

Here’s how it works:
1. Answer short questions. Give your opinion on energy and environmental issues facing America right now.
2. Get matched with your political “other”. You will be matched with someone from another part of the country who answered the questions differently than you.
3. Have a conversation. If both you and your match decide to meet, you can arrange a video call. We will provide tools to help make it a great conversation and experience.

We hope you will participate in this AllSides Talks event for Earth Day. The AllSides Talks pilot event in January engaged more than 400 people with different political views in conversation. It was a wonderfully enriching and enlivening experience.

Our Living Room Conversation community regularly asks for support finding participants with different political beliefs. AllSides Talks is a great way to form new relationships and future conversation participants to expand your understanding.

We hope you’ll participate in AllSides Talks: Earth Day on April 22. Let’s reach out and create new networks for relationship, connection and understanding.
Warmly yours,
Shannon Mannon