Tips To Make You A Living Room Conversations Rock Star Host

Each week, we assume you already know how awesome Living Room Conversations are and just want to hear more about where they are having an impact.

But every so often, we want to check in with you and help you have your own awesome Living Room Conversations. This week, we wanted to offer some tips from our Managing Partner and Program Development guru Mary Gaylord.

  • Choose a Conversation that really speaks to you. This may be the single most important factor–your own interest in the topic combined with your curiosity about what others think.
  • Who would be a great co-host? And when you are ready invite guests . Need  help? We have Facebook Groups–one for participants and one for organizers.
  • Remember to follow the Guide for the Conversation you chose. Everything you need is there.
Relax! Living Room Conversations are easy to do and really enjoyable.
  • For timing the conversation, follow a 15% – 70% – 15% schedule: spend about 70% of your time on Round 2. Most conversations last between 1-2 hours, depending on the size of your group and the pace you keep.
  • These conversations are meant to be fun and social. It’s OK to laugh, make mistakes, show your personality, and this will put others at ease too.
  • Share the work. Let folks know this conversation requires participation by everyone. Ask folks to take turns reading Conversation Agreements, the Conversation questions, opening paragraph, etc.
  • You can also ask for someone to help watch the time and/or be a “gentle” timekeeper, giving folks a friendly signal when they need to wrap up their remarks.
98% of people who have had Living Room Conversation want to have another!