The Future Through The Eyes of Youth

On January 7, 2021 Irshad Molla’s high school history teacher Mr. Drew Sraver woke up unsure and unsettled after watching the events at the U.S. Capitol unfold the day before.

At 3:05 pm that same day, he walked out of school calm and at peace.

What happened?

According to Irshad, a member of Living Room Conversation’s Youth Council, Mr. Sraver’s shift was caused by one thing: listening to the voices of young people.

At every history classes that day, he engaged in conversations with his students, and even some of his former students from previous years.

“I can say with 100% confidence, if some of my students are in charge of our future, we’re ALL good!” Mr. Sraver told Irshad.

Irshad will be one of the Youth Council participants featured in LRC Live: The Future Through the Eyes of Youth Leaders on Saturday March 6 at 6 pm ET.  

Irshad says that the Youth Council was inspired to organize this live-stream Living Room Conversation because they see firsthand just how many youth leaders are working tirelessly to change the world.

This event is a much-needed platform to share their perspective, because their voices are, as Irshad says, “a light that can cut through so much darkness in our world.”

“We see headlines that leave us scared, scattered and confused like:

  • February 22nd 2021. U.S. Covid-19 Update: Nation Records 500,000 Deaths Due To Pandemic; Larger Than Combined Toll From WWII, Korean War And Vietnam
  • January 6th 2021. Violent Attack and storming of the United States Capitol.
  • May 25th 2020. Police Officer chokes Geroge Flyod, an unarmed black man, to death

“Our faith in the future and humanity starts to wane,” Irshad continues.  “Yet no matter the setbacks, the youth leaders I’m lucky enough to work alongside of every day have fire in our hearts, and an unshakeable belief in a brighter future.”

Our Youth Council wants to offer you a taste of their “unshakable belief in a brighter future.”  We hope you’ll tune in on Saturday to hear the vision and passions that guide our next generation of change-makers.

This event will illuminate what’s possible when we engage our youth in conversation. Just like Irshad’s teacher, we hope it leaves you more hopeful and confident about the future, and better equipped to connect with the young people in your life to make that future a reality.


Warmly yours,

Shannon Mannon