Talk about long term impacts!

I have some treasured friends who support my efforts to have meaningful conversations with people from across the political spectrum. Last month my friend Elisa Batista wrote a story for Medium about how participating in Living Room Conversations influenced a key decision: to date someone on the opposite side of the political spectrum. Talk about long term impacts of this practice! Here are two of my favorite excerpts:

A wave of fear came over me. This man does not share my values! I am a horrible person for even talking to him! I should walk away. Yet, my gut told me to stay put. I have family members who are Trump supporters. Perhaps it is because we are Latinos/Hispanics and we prize family above all else, but we adore each other despite our political differences….

I’d had positive experiences participating in Living Room Conversations. Perhaps these meaningful connections mixed in with the loneliness of the moment led me to tell the conservative on Match that I didn’t care about his politics. He took me out for my birthday…. read more 

I am rich in friendships and grateful to be able to have intentional conversations that deepen those friendships! Tell me if you read the whole story, and what you think.

Joan Blades
Living Room Conversations