Spring into Summer by becoming a Sustaining Donor!


“I became a monthly donor to Living Room Conversations because efforts like this –– conversations that impact people’s lives in very positive, personal ways –– are often overlooked in favor of splashy, public work. It’s the best way for me to help Living Room Conversations grow and address the needs of people in their communities across the country.” –  Debilyn M

We create and promote a model of conversations aimed at healing society by building relationships that are rooted in trust and respect.
Your support helps to fund our conversation guide development and extensive programming, including responding to emerging needs like COVID, racial equity, and political polarization. In an average month, we offer multiple trainings, livestream conversations, and staff support for community leaders interested in organizing Living Room Conversations.
We rely primarily on donations from individuals and institutions (grants from foundations and other organizations) to maintain our free and open source resources and to support our small, mostly part-time staff. At the present time, we receive no government funding.

Were you there? Did you miss it?

Check out last week’s Living Room Conversation Live: Juneteenth.

We encourage you to peruse the list of conversation topics and sign up on www.livingroomconversations.org to host one. If you don’t want to be a host, you can also sign up through the website and either safely meet up face-to-face, or visit with folks online.

Volunteer Opportunities

Living Room Conversations exists due to the efforts of a small team supported by passionate volunteers. If you are dedicated to doing something about the growing divides in our country, we want to hear from you! Check out our Volunteer Handbook to get in-depth information about our organization, and the roles & responsibilities required of our volunteers.