Reckoning with Jefferson–an Especially Timely Living Room Conversation

You may already be registered for one or more of the wonderful opportunities to engage in the National Week of Conversation that starts this Friday. NWOC is this bold annual campaign when people with diverse perspectives #ListenFirst to understand. This week’s update is about one Conversation event happening during the National Week of Conversation: Reckoning with Jefferson: A Nationwide Conversation on Race, Religion, and the America We Want to Be.

Reckoning with Jefferson
is a national event featuring virtual and in person conversations around the country. Living Room Conversations is partnering with America Indivisible to change the fact that over half of Americans say they don’t personally know a Muslim. In light of the recent massacre of Muslims in New Zealand, this event takes on an even more profoundly necessary dimension.

We urge you to join us in this partnership by signing up for one of the Reckoning with Jefferson Living Room Conversations happening on Saturday, April 13. Here’s where to sign up, and some poignant, pertinent background information on the genesis of this event.

As always, thank you so much for your caring.

Beth G. Raps, PhD
Development Partner