Race & Ethnicity Conversation Series

I have a real treat for you this week. Our new Living Room Conversations on Race and Ethnicity are ready for you!

I’m a proud member of the diverse team who developed this new trio of Conversations. This is a first for us–not one, not two, but three Conversations on a related topic.

The first Conversation in the three-part series is on the topic of Race. The second Conversation is on Ethnicity. And the third Conversation is a wrap-up to help participants deepen the learning with and from each other and–yes!–the joy of being able to talk together about these challenging topics in the unique safe and structured way offered by Living Room Conversations.

As the launch page for the whole series says,
The expressed American ideal is the creation of a society that is fair and has opportunity for all, regardless of individual or group identity. Even as we work to build a nation that reflects those ideals, there are challenges to living into its fullest expression. This conversation series is an opportunity to explore our varied experiences of race and ethnicity in the American context. Where are we and what do we aspire to for ourselves and our communities?

We also proudly offer you a podcast in the series, “How Do We Fix It?” in which you can hear people engaging in this Conversation! I learned a great deal from listening to it; I hope you enjoy it.

Always, we value your views. Please write me back and let me know your thoughts and feelings.

Beth G. Raps, PhD
Development Partner