Propelling ourselves back together, Thanksgiving Style

At the 2016 Thanksgiving table, hot off that divisive election, I blundered my way through trying to understand those who voted differently.  Horrified to find myself becoming increasingly judgmental and rigid, I vowed to try to become less of a hypocrite.

In a story published in USA Today this morning, I shared a bit about how that journey led me to Living Room Conversations.

So many of us have spent the last four years honing our skills to connect across divides. Good thing too. Now we’ll build bridges while celebrating a reimagined holiday on the heels of an intense election, while staying physically distant in the middle of a pandemic.

Piece of cake, err, pumpkin pie.

We’ve got this. Seriously and sincerely, we do.

Equipped with tools like  Good Questions from Great Gatherings Holiday Printableswe can support our families, and our chosen families, as they deepen their understanding of each other, and experience the joy of connection when we desperately need it.

So instead of preparing to host dozens for dinner, we can prepare to have meaningful conversations.  Who knows?  We might even stumble onto a new tradition.  Without space constraints, gathering virtually means we’re now free to invite a lonely neighbor or distant friend to our Zoom dinner table.

Instead of a few folks dominating the conversation, this year we can ensure that every family member is seen and heard.  Each person might select a question from Holiday printables to answer aloud.

For added inspiration, check out the recording of LRC LIVE: A Potluck Across Generations Livestream conversation HERE. Be warned, though, this deeply vulnerable, heartfelt conversation among some of our Living Room Conversation leaders and their fathers left many of us grabbing for tissues!

Also, we hope you’ll continue to support Living Room Conversations, especially this Giving Tuesday, December 1. It’s only because of your generosity that we’re able to offer these resources to help Americans connect and understand, during the holidays, and every day. Donate HERE.

Thank you for being our Living Room Conversations family. Thank you for inspiring us and learning with us. Thank you for being the glue that holds us all together.

Wishing you a wonderful Thanksgiving.
Warmly yours,

Shannon Mannon

Please read and share “How I learned to stop judging and start listening to people with different political views,” featuring Living Room Conversations, publihsed this morning in USA Today.