Peace through Conversation

Join Living Room Conversations at Yosemite next month! Living Room Conversations is proud to play an instrumental role at the March 20-21, 2020 Yosemite Peace Symposium, and we would love you to join us there! Register here and save on registration using LRC35 as your promo code.

Our Program Engagement Partner Tracy Hollister will give a keynote, “Peace Through Conversation” and engage a roomful of audience members in mini-Living Room Conversations! Peace Symposium organizers have also selected Living Room Conversations as the practical tool they will encourage attendees to include in their peace plans to bring back to their own communities, offices, and schools. Breakout session facilitators will demonstrate how to use Living Room Conversation guides and Conversation Agreements to strengthen understanding, respect and appreciation across differences–all critical peace-making skills. Following the Peace Symposium, Living Room Conversations staff will support those who are organizing and hosting these conversations.

Do you or any bridge-builders you know–including but not limited to educators, organizers, corporate sustainability staff, and environmentalists–want to learn how to create peace in the areas of human dignity, the arts, youth, or the environment? Maybe you or they need another reason to visit Yosemite, one of the most peaceful and beautiful places in the world? As further enticement, conference organizers are offering anyone who gets this email a $35 discount if you use LRC35 as the promo code when you register here.

If you need even more reasons to attend, check out this top ten list from conference organizers.

We at Living Room Conversations and Peace Symposium organizers would love to see you there. If you decide to register, we’d love to know. Please reply to this email to let us know!

10 Reasons Why You Should Attend the Yosemite Peace Symposium

  1. Because your purpose is to cultivate peace

  2. Because you know that peace begins with each of us

  3. Because you’ve forgotten everything you learned at the last conference you attended

  4. Because you’re ready for a new kind of learning experience

  5. Because you want a plan to implement peace in your community (neighborhood, school, office, etc.)

  6. Because you want to learn from those that are already working in the area of peace

  7. Because you want to share ideas with other people just like you

  8. Because you’re ready to start walking your talk

  9. Because Yosemite is one of the most beautiful places on earth!

  10. Because you want to be a part of a community of Peacemakers.


Seeking: Zoom Breakout Room Volunteer

Are you a quick study with technology, or do you already know how to use video conferencing technology like Zoom? We are seeking a few volunteers for 4-6 hours per month to assign people to breakout rooms for our video calls, plus participate in the Conversations, if desired. Training is provided. Please reply directly to this email if interested.


LRC Question of the Week:

When have encounters with strangers enriched your life?  What happened?

A good question is a great way to connect with someone—and a way to understand yourself and others a little better. Most of our Conversation Guides contain five or six great questions.

We want to help people build the habit of connecting with curiosity in our daily lives. So we’re inviting you to engage with a question each week—by answering the Question of the Week yourself or asking a friend, colleague or family member. With your permission, we can share your responses and hopefully increase people’s interest in curious connecting conversations. You can respond to our question of the week by replying to this email.

Thank you to each of you who shared your responses to last week’s question! Here are a few replies we received to the question:”How do you stay fully present and attentive when deeply listening to someone?”

  • I look in their eyes. I will repeat back what I heard so ensure I understood correctly. Put the phone away. (Chantel)
  • I try to stay fully present and attentive when listening to another by making good eye contact, asking sincere and curious questions, and doing my best not to interrupt them. (Mary)