Our Favorite Insights from “Communicating with Care”

Here’s a list of our favorite insights from the Communicating with Care Living Room Conversations we have offered online. (Our next one is scheduled for August 26 — click here to sign up!). Thanks go to Kathy Mitchell, a deeply appreciated volunteer host from Arlington, Texas, and the original author of the Communicating With Care conversation.

Kathy observes, “Talking with others about disagreeable issues is rarely easy, but avoiding those difficult conversations doesn’t help. We have to learn how to connect with others so we can solve our problems.” These insights are great for Living Room Conversations best practices–and best practices in life! Enjoy.

What fosters great conversations on touchy topics:

  • Being aware of your contribution to the conversation; owning your actions.
  • Honestly expressing your concerns without criticizing others (attacking the problem, not the person).
  • Rather than dismissing someone’s account, saying instead, “I’ve never heard that before. I’m so sorry that happened to you.”
  • Remembering that everyone is somebody’s loved one.
  • Asking questions.

This is just a partial list. For the full list, email me at  Beth@livingroomconversations.org.