Online Connections During a Pandemic


How about some good news to start off your Monday?

The New York Times reports, in a new piece about meeting new people from a distance, what our community has long known:

The questions that are at the heart of Living Room Conversations are magic.

Here’s a snippet from the article that prominently features Living Room Conversations:

“Determined to help her family and friends experience deeper connections, Ms. Harrison hosted a Living Room Conversation on “Technology and Relationships” and called the experience “magical.” “Everyone left saying, ‘OMG, I have not been able to have these kinds of conversations’,” she said. They appreciate having found a place “where people can express themselves and listen to others without any agenda.”

There’s a science to that “magic,” Dr. [Arthur] Aron [psychology professor at Stony Brook University] said. “When you have questions that encourage responsiveness, it creates an opportunity to show you care, and lots of research shows that feeling you’re being heard is key to creating closeness.”

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– The Living Room Conversations Team