May 13, 2021 Newsletter


From our Healing Guide:

Have you been part of a healthy, healing community? What was that like?

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The Christian Science Monitor

In 2016, Living Room Conversations collaborated with The Christian Science Monitor on a special election project, The Politics of Us. This project helped to bring together Americans together and build understanding.

On Tuesday, May 18, 2021, 9:00am PT/ 11:00am CT/ 12:00pm ET The Christian Science Monitor will be presenting and online event, “A master class in building respect across deep divides“, as part of their Respect Project.

What does it take to build respect? Monitor correspondent Dina Kraft and Sara Miller llana will join managing editor Amelia Newscom for a live webinar focused on people who are challenging the narrative of polarization. They will discuss the Monitor’s latest reporting, exploring how some have successfully crossed deep divisions in politics, race, religion, and education.

Register for the free Zoom event here:

The Living Room Conversations (LRC) Youth Council is composed of many young people from all over the country and has a goal that parallels the LRC mission statement:

The Living Room Conversations Youth Council brings together young people from all over the country to foster cultural, political, and racial understanding through small group conversations.

We hope to inspire youth participation in our own communities and beyond by providing resources, tools, and space for conversation.

Youth Council currently consists of members from two teams, the Hosting Team and Communications & Outreach team, but is hoping to expand into the future. The Hosting Team is currently involved in making youth centered host training. Communication & Outreach (C&O) is thinking of ways to reach out and talk to schools about bringing LRC into their schools and is contributing a bit to this newsletter! Moving forward, C&O is thinking about potentially starting their own blog or newsletter to promote youth council activities, share youth stories, and reach a broader audience. Hosting is hoping on planning more intergenerational and youth conversations in the future, so stay tuned for those!