Let’s Build a Peaceful Post Election World

How are you processing this election season, especially after the Presidential debate? What hopes and fears are arising?

The debate, in particular, seemed to raise the already high levels of anxiety across the political spectrum. The question we are asking ourselves, as warriors for human goodness, is how can we best respond to the needs of our fellow Americans while ensuring a peaceful election and post-election world?

“Bridge building is genocide prevention,” said Lauren Snow, a managing partner of Living Room Conversation, taking a long view. “That’s why I do this work.”

Our Living Room Conversations Fall Appeal couldn’t come at a more significant time. We hope you’ll donate, by clicking the link below, today.

On the brink of this historic election, under the weight of a pandemic, while reckoning with shifting norms in equality and justice, this is a moment that can break us, or it can break us open.

Our conversations, the relationships they build, and the understanding they foster, become the invisible web that holds us together. Investing in our inextricable interconnection buffers us from dehumanization, civic fractures, and, yes, even genocide.

Your donation allows us to bring Living Room Conversations to a wider audience, and supports this vital peace building work in communities across our nation.

We hope you will donate today—and join us as we connect now and beyond the election.

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With your support, we can write a new story about our future; that when it looked darkest, we rose up.

That when so much threatened to tear us apart, we propelled ourselves back together, conversation by conversation, to protect each other and the country we love.

Please donate to the fall campaign today and help us write this new story together.


Gratefully yours,

The Living Room Conversations Team