June Overview Monthly Email


Photo from our own Leah Spitzer

So far this year we have had 6,939 downloads of our conversation guides – and that’s only the downloads! Just imagine the impact that these open and understanding conversations have had on our communities.

This June we are participating in the National Week of Conversation

Also, we are in the midst of our spring appeal! If you are able, please consider supporting our work. Currently, recurring donors provide 5% of our annual budget  — our goal for this year’s Spring Appeal is to double that figure. Can you help us?

  • $500 (or $42/month):  help to organize high-profile, live stream conversations
  • $250 (or $21/month): help to facilitate sister-city/faith community connections, intergenerational conversations, leadership development, and more!
  • $100 (or just $8/month):  help to develop conversation guides and resources on emerging issues