It’s Not Too Late!

It’s halfway through one of the biggest weeks of bridge-builders: the National Week of Conversation.

What could be easier than signing up for one of our already created, already scheduled, already hosted, online Living Room Conversations? Signing up will give you an opportunity to mend divides–right from the comfort of your own computer.

Are you like this participant in a Living Room Conversation, who observed:

We hear so often in our society and the media how important it is to have these kinds of conversations, but there never seems to be an avenue to actually have a conversation.

If you are, now’s your chance! This week, you have multiple avenues to actually have a Conversation. Click here to see them all. We have so many, you’ll find more than one a day!

Choose from a wide array of Conversation topics, for example:

  • How about Freedom? (Click to sign up.)  This Conversation takes place tomorrow, Thursday, April 11. This Conversation notes that while freedom is central to us in this country, “there are legitimate differing interpretations of what freedom means.” It asks participants to reflect on how we celebrate our freedom and care for it so that it reflects our highest values.
  • What about Tribalism 101: Next Door Strangers? (Click to sign up). Join us on Friday, April 12 for this Living Room Conversation. The provocative questions you’ll explore in this Conversation include: “Some groups come together based on sharing a common culture, vision, or enemy. What are the commonalities for your groups? What need do your groups fulfill in your life?”
  • There are also multiple conversations happening all over the nation on the same day–Saturday, April 13–Thomas Jefferson’s birthday as part of Living Room Conversations’ partnership with America Indivisible in a national day of reflection: “Reckoning with Jefferson: Race, Religion, and the America We Want to Be.” Click on that link to find out more and sign up!

I hope I’ve inspired you to join us this special National Week of Conversation!

Beth G. Raps, PhD
Development Partner