Innovation Nation: Changing How We Connect

You know what? I’m really proud of us. I’m proud of how quickly we’ve adapted to thrive in this new environment with no preparation and under enormous stress.

In just a few weeks, we’ve completely transformed how we work, play, exercise, communicate, touch, pray, shop, and study.

Our Living Room Conversations community and our network of partners are out in front, innovating moment by moment to improve our lives, increase our connection, and lead with care.

Here are some highlights:

The Power of Conversation Groups During Coronavirus Quarantine: Is a story I wrote for The Philadelphia Citizen about a group of us in Phoenixville, PA—five mothers concerned with the future we’re creating for our children—who created a Community Conversation Project.

We’re hosting a series of Living Room Conversations that allow our community to grapple with hard issues. We’re building trust, deepening relationships and increasing a sense of belonging. Coronavirus means we’re shifting to virtual conversations, but our participants are more committed than ever

If you’re interested in starting a similar project in your community, please respond to this email.

Weaving Community 2020: The National Conversation Project, a coalition of more than 300 organizations of which Living Room Conversations is proud to be a part, hosts an annual National Week of Conversation (NWOC). NWOC 2020 was scheduled for April, but the coronavirus pandemic with its accompanying isolation and fear necessitated an immediate response.

National Conversation Project’s hundreds of partners are now dedicated to #WeavingCommunity during crisis, and pivoted to create this new campaign. Sign up for their updates and use the #WeavingCommunity hashtag to help make connection, conversation, and caring viral.

Take THAT Coronavirus!

Tell us what you’re doing to innovate connections. Just respond to this email. We’d love to share some inspirational ideas in future messages.
Stay well, everyone.


Shannon Mannon

Newsletter Editor