How Can We Best Care for Each Other

Things are moving fast and changing quickly. A question patiently waits for us in the quiet center of the chaos:

How can we best care for each other?

We’re beginning to hear from you that you’re using Living Room Conversations to maintain social connection. You’re hosting online “conversation happy hour” with friends. You’re inviting vulnerable people into conversation to support them and reduce their isolation. We are heartened to hear that these conversations are serving as a life-line for folks who live alone, for senior citizens, and for those with weaker immune systems.

As we navigate this time together, we’re creating new resources to meet your needs. Here is what’s available to support you right now:

1. Online Video Call Conversations on the Coronavirus and other topics hosted by Living Room Conversations that you can join on at least a weekly basis, sometimes 2-3 times/week.  Check our Events page to register for these conversations.

2. Two New Coronavirus Conversation Guides to can help you process and reflect on this challenging moment: Life in the Time of Corona and Information in the Time of Corona. They are about how our lives and coping mechanisms are changing with the virus, and about how we are finding and acting upon reliable information, respectively.

3. New Coronavirus Hub Resources page, where you will find suggested topics that are more fitting for our times, upcoming conversations, articles, and more.

4. New Training on How to Have an Online Living Room Conversation, starting this Friday, March 27th from 10-10:30am PT/1-1:30pm ET with an optional half hour for Q & A.

5. Free Zoom lines, initially offered to anyone hosting a Living Room Conversation on an ongoing or regularly scheduled basis.  Reply to this email if you need to move your current Living Room Conversation online and/or want to learn how to organize and host your own online Living Room Conversation.

More resources are in the pipeline. Check our website and social media for the latest offerings.

Please keep sharing your endless ingenuity in how you’re using Living Room Conversations. Tell us what you need, what’s challenging, what’s most helpful. Know that we’ll do everything possible to support you.

Together, we’ll stay focused on how we can best care for each other, one conversation at a time.

Shannon Mannon
Newsletter Editor