High Conflict!!

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We are so glad to see you enjoying our weekly newsletter. This week, we wanted to share some story spotlights and shed some light on how our Living Room Conversations Youth Council handles conflict – It’s a good one!

If you or anyone you know would like to share their conflict resolution techniques, send them over to us HERE. See what Joan (LRC co founder) and Fengrui (LRC youth council member) had to say about Conflict. Amanda Ripley wrote a whole book about it.

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High Conflict:
Why We Get Trapped and How We Get Out

High Conflict:Why We Get Trapped and How We Get Out is a great read even for people not obsessed with polarization.  That is why I’m so excited about this book.  Amanda Ripley is a master storyteller describing five dramatically different stories of conflict, yet they have unifying themes.  Using these stories she allows the reader to gain insight into core qualities of high conflict, how people get stuck and how people have successfully extracted themselves.

I’ve been reading about conflict for years and I can’t remember ever reading about high conflict and healthy conflict described in such a simple and clarifying way.   I remember these stories because they are so diverse and yet so similar in revealing ways.

The bridging movement would benefit from a popular understanding of the price of high conflict and the opportunities to step away from it.  Maybe even an embrace of healthy conflict.  The timing for this book is perfect.  The vision is a dramatic growth of people that see our political and social d

Dysfunction and step up to change things.(We’ve written a Healthy Conflict Living Room Conversation guide.  We hope you will try it!)




Unread Messages Campaign

We are excited about our upcoming partnership with Sinch and their “Unread Messages Campaign.” The project highlights three pairs facing significant differences and their attempts to connect and increase understanding through texting.

Living Room Conversations is picking up the thread from these stories and providing a series of complementary guides from Faith and the LGBTQ+ Community to Political Stereotypes.

[Check out coverage of this campaign/landing page to explore the stories and start your own conversation]