Helping You Prepare for Thanksgiving Dinner!

This email won’t give you recipes or great places to get those last-minute Thanksgiving dinner needs. This email is first-aid for peaceful gatherings of family and friends right after the US mid-term elections!

If you read our email from two weeks ago, you may already have tried out our new Conversation, What’s Next U.S.? Post Midterms 2018.

What’s next indeed? Dinner! Thanksgiving is what’s next. And have we got resources for you:

  • Here is our famous tip-sheet for better conversations at the dinner table.
  • Here is the Conversation we announced a few weeks ago, Relationships Over Politics.
  • And here you’ll find a special new item–the first podcast in a new series, Thanks for Listening produced by Harvard Law School’s Negotiation and Mediation Clinical Program:

“Our first episode focuses on the familiar challenge of discussing politics at the holiday table. We’ll talk to folks who are experts in family psychology and dynamics to learn about why family and politics is such a difficult combination, and we’ll also hear about the inspiring work of an organization offering people critical tools and strategies for engaging with family about politics.” It features Living Room Conversations’ very own Mary Gaylord and Joan Blades!

Please enjoy–and send us your questions! We love hearing from you.
Beth G. Raps, Phd
Development Partner

PS: Please, especially at this time, feel free to share our resources widely using our sharing buttons at the top and forwarding this email to friends and colleagues.