Having A Willing Partner On The Other Side

A few weeks ago, our co-founder Joan Blades wrote you about the elections–and our brand-new “What’s Next U.S.? (Post-Midterms 2018)” Living Room Conversation and Guide.

This week, we offer you a short film of Joan and five other deeply thoughtful people having that very Conversation. It’s full of wisdom, so I’m finding it hard to choose my favorite quote. But here’s one of my favorites:

One of the biggest things that I’ll point out in having any conversation like this is having a willing partner on the other side….I believe I’ve found five other willing partners to have this conversation with.

The video is just under four minutes long–you’ll find it here, at the top of our “Watch and Listen” videos and podcasts page.

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Thanking you as our willing partner in healing divides,
Beth G. Raps, Phd
Development Partner

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