Happy New Year!

This year Living Room Conversations have happened all across our nation, in faith communities, libraries, schools, bookstores, cafes, by video and even in living rooms.  Friendships have been formed and friendships have deepened. Understanding and connection have increased for people who stepped forward to listen with curiosity. This shift is a beautiful sign of hope. With your help, we plan to share this experience on a larger scale! We believe that if we reach 3.5% of the population, we can change the dynamics that are creating an increasingly polarized culture.

Today Newsweek posted “In 2020, Our Bitterly Divided America Needs to Recommit to the Golden Rule.” This op-ed invites the whole country to join us!

“As we move full speed into the election of 2020, we can feel the pull toward division, domination and revenge in our politics. We write this as two veterans of America’s culture wars who fear that this round of battle may lead us toward violence….”

Last month, leaders from across the political spectrum gathered for a virtual Living Room Conversation to go beyond partisan affiliation and get to the deeper teachings in all of our traditions.”

As polarization intensifies, we will meet the challenge with engagement that grounds us in our deeper values and real connection. Thank you for being part of this commitment to change!

Wishing you a very happy New Year!  Peace on Earth good will toward all!

Joan, Mary, Beth, Tracy, Chad, Becca, Chelsea, Heather, Lauren, Gayle, Brialle, Linda, and Leah