Fox News in South Carolina features Living Room Conversations!

We are excited to share this clip with you that was shared on Fox24 News Now from Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina. It features two librarians, Brandon Britt and Emilie Hancock who host Living Room Conversations in the Charleston County Public Library.

Not only are libraries great locations to host Living Room Conversations, we are finding that local news sources are eager to cover civil dialog events happening in their local communities.

Do you have plans to host a Living Room Conversation in your community? Invite someone from your local newspaper, radio or TV station to help spread the word. Many media outlets have Calendar of Events on their websites. It may be a simple request to get your Conversation added. If you really want to take it up a notch you could write a press release and send it to your local media. This guide provides some suggestions to get you started.

Another opportunity is to write an op-ed about a Living Room Conversation you’ve already had. Here is one of many resources with advice for writing op-eds. And let us know how we can help – so we can amplify your efforts.

Let’s spread the news: civil dialogue is happening! People with differences can talk to each other and strengthen our communities and our democracy.