End of Year Impact

Thank you for your support this fall! Continuing to be a part of our community means a lot to us. Our Fall Appeal was a big success! Our community raised a total $16,545.

With the help of a generous matching donor that brings our total to $33,090!

This next year promises to be a big one. We are looking forward to increasing our impact with more guides, resources, engagement, participants, conversations, partnerships, and more! There’s still time to contribute before the end of the year.

Holiday Resources

Holidays can be complicated and conversations with family can be uniquely challenging. Emotional stakes tend to be higher, conversations are colored by history, and it can feel easier to rehash old arguments. Check out these tools and tips for conversations with family and friends. Wishing you rich, meaningful, and fun conversations!

Book Groups

We have a growing number of Living Room Conversations that are great paired with books. This year Amanda Ripley wrote a timely book about High Conflict: Why We Get Trapped and How We Get Out of It. We couldn’t resist writing a conversation tied to it – Healthy Conflict – so readers might explore their conflict style together. This summer Joe Keohane’s book, The Power of Strangers, was released. It included eye opening research about how good for us it is to talk to strangers. Talking to Strangers is one of our newest conversation guides. The Four Sacred Gifts: Indigenous Wisdom for Modern Times by Anita Sanchez is the source of four of our most popular conversation guides – Forgiveness, Healing, Hope, and Unity.
Are you part of a book group? Do you think your group might enjoy a Living Room Conversation paired with a book you are reading? Join us for a conversation about how we might engage book groups Jan 5th, 7 PM EST/4 PM PST, we’d love to have your input. You can register for that meeting by clicking here. Please send us an email bookclub@livingroomconversations.org if you are unable to join the meeting or have further questions or ideas!

Bridging America’s Divisions

Can Americans come Together?

From the Network for Responsible Public Policy

Polarization is tearing Americans apart. Can it be fixed? The leaders of these organizations are working in different ways to build bridges of understanding. How is this done? How is this working? Let’s find out!

Featuring: Joan Blades (Living Room Conversations), John Gable (AllSides.com), Pearce Godwin (Listen First Project), Mónica Guzmán (Braver Angels/Crosscut/Evergrey), Timothy Noah (New Republic/Backbencher)

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