COVID: what now?

Conversation is how we think together as humans. We’re hungry to chew on this transitional space, to not just walk back into our lives as if nothing has changed.

Here in the northern hemisphere, the equinox has tipped in favor of the coming light. But this is no ordinary spring. The usual emergence from darkness now has a deeper, more urgent flavor. Something wise inside us wants to rise up to meet its demands to be tasted, savored, felt, and known.

To pretend that the very ground beneath us is not shifting would deny something essential to ourselves, each other.

We hope this new conversation guide, Coronavirus, Reflecting and Transitioning, can be a kind friend accompanying you in the important work ahead. We hope it helps you find new ground, new language, new containers, to begin to imagine what comes next.

Change reverberated across every facet of our lives this year, impacting how we work, relate, communicate, learn, even our very breath. Zoom-living alternatively shrunk and expanded the distance between us.  Whether the sum is more difficult or more enlivening is for each of us to decide.

We hope this guide helps you face what’s been lost, celebrate what’s been gained, and imagine what can become. And, as always, we hope you come back and tell us what you discover.

Warmly yours,
Shannon Mannon