Conversations with the Center for the Study of Liberty

Are you hungry for creative and peaceful solutions to the challenges facing our country? Do you have ideas about strengthening the social bonds that support a free and flourishing society? Are you interested in learning how to begin or deepen your work renewing neighborhoods and communities?

If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, you won’t want to miss this special opportunity to explore big questions about rebuilding civil society with our partner, The Center for the Study of Liberty.

Join these conversations by signing up using the links below for one or both hour-long Living Room Conversations offered jointly with the Center for the Study of Liberty on Wednesday, March 4:

The Center for the Study of Liberty connects people to opportunities and to one another so they can explore big questions about human freedom. Their programs encourage, strengthen, and inspire participants in ways that are designed to integrate easily with busy people’s schedules.

Creative and peaceful solutions to challenges facing our country today require us to be able to communicate across differences and share a sense of optimism in our ability to work together.

These 60-minute Conversations will provide space for civil dialogue about where we can start as we look to repair America’s social fabric in our workplaces, neighborhoods, and communities. We invite you to join us to share your ideas about strengthening the social bonds that support a free and prosperous society.

LRC Question of the Week:

Are there ways technology has improved or hurt your in-person relationships and interactions?

This week’s question is from our Technology and Relationships Conversation Guide.

A good question is a great way to connect with someone—and a way to understand yourself and others a little better. We want to help people build the habit of connecting with curiosity in our daily lives. So we’re inviting you to engage with a question each week—by answering the Question of the Week yourself or asking a friend, colleague or family member. With your permission, we can share your responses and hopefully increase people’s interest in curious connecting conversations. You can respond to our question of the week by replying to this email.

Thanks to Mary for her response to last week’s question about what a healthy news and social media landscape looks like. She replied that it “looks respectful, credible, trusted, and reliable. I would love to not have to guess if the news is fake or real; if the source is sharing an opinion or actual information. I would love for us to be able to trust a source across political differences, and not handily dismiss it because it only represents the “other side.”

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