Come Closer!

Greetings and Happy 2019 to you! A fresh new year has begun.

One of our newest supporters wrote us that she’d decided to come closer because we are making a profound difference in the world.

I am convinced we are. We have seven main ways anyone can come closer to us. I want to share them with you in this email to make sure you know we want you to come closer too:

  1. Participate in Living Room Conversations. Here they are, online. (Probably a good link to bookmark!)
  2. Tell a friend about LRCs. Invite them to join us!
  3. Host a Living Room Conversation–online or face-to-face in any place of your choosing. We can help! Here’s how to get started–and if you have questions, please contact me! And you can join our Facebook Group for finding participants!
  4. Organize regular Living Room Conversations, for example at your library, house of worship, community center, campus or town hall. Please contact me if this is for you! We have many people in our network doing this–and may even have folks in your area who can help you! Here is our Facebook Group for organizers’ networking.
  5. Donate to Living Room Conversations.
  6. Share the word about us on social media. Here are our Twitter, Instagram and Facebook feeds!
  7. Create a Living Room Conversation and send it to us. As you read in this email a couple of weeks ago, this sometimes results in our publishing your new Conversation on our website!

Beth G. Raps, PhD
Development Partner

PS: To sign up for our Monday, January 21 Forgiveness Conversation online, click here!

PPS: To sign up for our Tuesday, January 29 Guns & Responsibility Conversation online, click here!