Celebrate Juneteenth with LRC

This week is National Week of Conversation and to get you geared up, we thought we’d drop a couple of helpful tips.

1. Absorb not just observe. Quite naturally, when someone is speaking, we’re thinking about what to say next. Listening without thinking (literally, quieting our mind to be present in the moment) is an art. When possible, try to maintain eye contact as much as possible and when using virtual face-to-face platforms, try to move the window to the part of the screen nearest to the camera so you can approximate the area in which you’re looking at their face. Another pro tip: try to make sure your camera is eye level.

2. Test what you’re hearing. No, not with your audio settings, but with questions. Restate what you believe you heard and confirm that this is what the other person said or feels. Seek clarity, don’t make assumptions. If you have questions or are unsure of what was said, ask, no shame. Aside from your genuine smile, and positive verbal cues (sit up straight, put your phone to the side), recollecting the information you just heard assures the other person that you are indeed engaged.

For a full listing of this week’s events for the National Week of Conversation, check out the site HERE