12 Days Of Reflection Start Today!

I have some fun for you this week: The 12 Days of Reflection! This is our first-ever major coordinated social media campaign, and it has been such fun to create it for you!

Starting today and continuing for the next 12 days, we will be sharing a question to inspire your self-reflection. Will you join us?
Here are some ways to join–

  1. Start with question one right here:

    • How do I feel when someone listens to me generously?

  2. Share your responses to the question of the day with us! You can use a variety of social media channels, making sure to using the hashtag #12DaysOfReflection and tagging us in these places online:

    • @LivingRoomConversations on Facebook

    • @LivingRoomConvo on Twitter

    • @LRCCommunity on Instagram

  3. Record a video responding to the question of the day. OR if you’re feeling camera shy,  share a written and/or photo response, but we warmly welcome videos!

  4. From then on, check our page everyday to see the question of the day. Bookmark this link if that helps!

As always, email me if you have questions! And if you are feeling inspired, consider donating!

Beth G. Raps, PhD
Development Partner