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Juneteenth LRC Live

LRC Live: Juneteenth

Juneteenth celebrates the ending of slavery in the United States on June 19th, 1865. This date marks when Union soldiers arrived in Galveston, Texas to share the news of freedom

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LRC LIVE: Earth Day

Earth Day The Living Room Conversations Way. We are excited to share highlights from a recent Climate of Unity Living Room Conversation among leaders in the environmental community. This conversation

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LIVE: Race & Ethnicity

Watch the recording of LRC Live: Race & Ethnicity, where people just like you reflected on Race & Ethnicity in America. Watch the recorded conversation, follow along with guide, and

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LRC Live: Trust

Watch the recording of LRC Live: Trust, where people just like you reflected on key disconnects we are currently experiencing in trust. They considered what happens when we don’t trust

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The America We Want to Be

On April 13, 2019, Thomas Jefferson’s 276th birthday, Living Room Conversations and America Indivisible partnered to host a conversation: The America That We Want to Be. Tune in to see

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Watch our “Forgiveness” Living Room Conversation with Anita L. Sanchez, the author of The Four Sacred Gifts: Indigenous Wisdom for Modern Times. You can check out our “Forgiveness” Living Room

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Righteousness or Relationships?

Talking about… righteousness or relationships? Disagreeing about what is right and good (or wrong and bad) can be challenging.  Our culture has evolved to reward winners and dismiss losers. Our biology rewards us with dopamine when we are right – and then we want more. Is it any wonder that

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Political Correctness

September 13, 2016 Political correctness is a topic that has been one of contention this election and has strong supporters and strong opposition. Today we discover what this loaded term means to us and find out how differing perspectives understand it. What does political correctness mean to you? Join or

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Religous Freedom

September 7, 2016 The United States constitution guarantees our freedom to express our religion. But what happens when our religious beliefs affect others in society? How can we interact respectfully in spite of our different belief systems? The Supreme Court has ruled that gay marriage is the law of the

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National Basic Income

August 25, 2016 What would happen if we had a National Basic Income (NBI)? Every citizen of the country is guaranteed to receive money, regardless of circumstances. This idea has been around for a few decades as a potential solution to ending poverty. It has also been championed as a

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August 11, 2016 Homelessness in America is a “wicked problem” that reminds us daily of our failure to be our best. How do we explain to children the presence of hungry, cold, neglected and often mentally ill men women and children on our streets in the midst of plenty? Living

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Police and Community, part two

June 28, 2016 We all love our children and want our community to be safe. We have seen tragedy in our communities and want that to end. We all want law enforcement to be fair. And we want police to be able to do their job in a manner that

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Guns and Responsibility: Special

June 23, 2016 The Living Room Conversations team was joined by several Coffee Party USA radio show hosts and producers for this 90-minute special conversation on guns and responsibility. In the wake of the latest mass shooting, we came together to talk about our concerns and hopes for the future and

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Police and Community, part one

June 14, 2016 Over the last two years, we’ve all become more and more aware of how out of balance the relationship is between many communities and the people who are hired and sworn to protect them. As we’ve become aware of hundreds of civilian deaths at the hands of

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Talking Politics: the election

May 26, 2016 In this show, our Living Room Conversations team discusses the upcoming presidential election. We explore our hopes and possible fears for the future of our nation. This candid conversation transforms and begins to touch on topics such as media, power inequality, and polarization. Helping people listen to

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In politics, how much do relationships matter?

April 14, 2016 How we treat each other is the difference between a great place to live and a bad place to live. We shape our world through relationships. Most people agree we want communities where all people have dignity and respect. Yet respectful interactions are often not what we

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How Do We Fix It? (two-part Joan Blades interview)

April 7, 2016 We’ve combined a two-part radio show from How Do We Fix It as they interviewed Living Room Conversation cofounder, Joan Blades. Part 1: Much of the 2016 political campaign has been dominated by personal insults, name-calling and dogma. Voters have rewarded politicians who use anger and blame others for the

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Five Guys have a Living Room Conversation

March 10, 2016 What happens when you bring five politically diverse men together to talk about politics? Hint: This is NOT a debate. Cohosts Erik and Stever lead an exploration into how and where we learned to talk about politics that reveals many intimate stories of personal experience and discovery.

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