Would you like to volunteer with Living Room Conversations? Help us create a culture of respect and mutual understanding. This happens when people in communities all around the country step forward.  We have listed some jobs we know we need filled below.  

If you have skills to offer that are not listed below, please, feel free to reach out.

Community Leader– Are you a member of an online or in-person community that would find Living Room Conversations’ guides valuable? Get in touch and let’s see if there are ways that we can help you introduce our conversations in a way that will benefit your community. 

Book Club Leaders– We have conversation guides that are paired with books and there are book clubs all around the country. Are you in a book club or want to start one? Try out Living Room Conversations around book topics and then let us know about it.  

Website Review– Learning what is easy to find or not easy to find on our website for new visitors is important. Would you be interested in watching someone navigate our website for the first time? Also, noting anything on our website that has become dated? Having a website with a great deal to share is wonderful but also a group effort. We count on help from our users! 

Social Media-

  • Follow us on social media and like posts
  • Be an LRC ambassador (share posts, IG Lives, etc.)
  • Help with content creation (willing to record videos and share pictures we can use)

Newsletter Editor– We need someone to proofread our newsletters. Once a week we send out a newsletter and we would like it to be as good as possible. Another set of eyes would be most welcome. 

  • Read the weekly newsletter and look for typos, test to make sure links go to  where they say they go, suggest edits for grammar and partisan language

Communications–  Living Room Conversations wants the world to know about the conversation guides we offer and the stories of communities and individuals that have used our guides to improve connections and understanding.  

  • Write press releases
  • Help develop relationships with media
  • Look for conferences we should be presenting at
  • Conversation guides (have specific qualifications here)

Story Writers– It is great telling people about how valuable these conversations are but what really brings this home is great stories about how individuals or communities have been impacted. 

  • Write about a conversation you have had
  • Interview others about their experiences


Other ideas!

  • Graphic Design
  • Video Creation
  • Grant Writers
  • Bookkeeping