Conversation Guide: Community Conversations

This is an abbreviated guide from Living Room Conversations, a non-profit that offers a simple, sociable and structured way to practice communicating across differences while building understanding and relationships. Rather than debating or convincing others, we will take turns talking to share, learn, and be curious. Anyone can host using these italicized instructions.

Introductions: Why We’re Here (~1 minute): 

In one breath, introduce yourself to the group.
  • Share your name and what drew you here

Round One: Exploring the Topic  (~10 min)

The host, or a participant can volunteer to read this paragraph out loud. You can also paste it in the chat.

Communities are diverse and complicated, residents feel included as well as excluded in a variety of contexts and group settings. Feeling seen and heard is a component of fostering a sense of belonging, and community conversations are a great way to make that happen! This conversation will dive into how you relate to others and the conversations you wish you were having in your own communities.

Now we’ll each take ~2 minutes each to answer one of the below questions without interruption or crosstalk. After everyone has answered, we can take a few minutes to explore what’s been shared.
  • How easy or difficult is it for you to connect with others who were raised differently, or live and think differently than you? What have you seen getting in the way of that happening?
  • What conversations do you wish you were having in your community?

Round Two: Reflecting on the Conversation (~1 min)

In one breath answer one of the following questions:
  • What was most meaningful / valuable to you in this conversation?
  • What learning, new understanding or common ground was found on the topic?
  • Is there a next step you would like to take based upon the conversation you just had?

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