the problem: we know the results of the 2024 election are going to be questioned

72% Democrats, 42% Independents, & 22% Republicans agree that if Trump wins in 2024 democracy is broken 

64% Republicans, 37% Independents, and 18% Democrats agree that if Biden wins in 2024 democracy is broken

(Public Religion Research Institute, 2023)

We Must All Work Together To Have a Trustworthy 2024 Election
By Joan Blades cofounder of, Moms Rising, and

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the opportunity: we can build trust in our elections and each other

Americans want election processes that are fair, robust, and transparent.

Elections happen in local communities that can actively take responsibility for conducting trustworthy elections.

Local communities are also a great place to build  interpersonal trust as people talk to each other and work together. 

We can build trust nationally by connecting those local communities (people are already accustomed to using video platforms to connect). We can also use high profile conversations to inspire a national narrative and model connection across differences. 

the outcome

Local communities acquire skills and confidence in each other and their election practices ahead of November and walk away with increased trust for tackling other critical issues. 

We counter the narrative of division that conflict entrepreneurs are spreading, leaving them a fraction of the capacity to incite violence both before and after the election.

get involved

How can you get involved?

Bring the conversation to your community!

Have the conversation with friends, or better yet,  bring it to your library, faith community, or club. If you represent a national organization, you can invite local chapters to participate.

This can be as simple as a conversation with friends and family or a more pointed effort where you bring in other local partners to involve your whole community.

Use the Trust in Elections local version to get the conversation started. It offers an opportunity to meaningfully connect with people in the community and begin to build connections and trust. These connections, trust, and understanding of one another make your community stronger and provide a way to invite in missing voices.   


Stay tuned for our Trust in Elections Toolbox! 

We are gathering a wonderful set of resources for the folks that want to dig in and do more. In the meantime, you can look at some of our trusted partner resources below.

Become a part of our Trust in Elections network!

We know we’re stronger together and we want to support you. We are recruiting libraries, faith communities, schools, clubs and service organizations who are already rooted in their neighborhoods and would love to connect all the communities who are leaning in to inspire trust in elections. Once you’ve started doing the work of building trust in local elections, we’ll help you connect with other communities in other parts of the country to build national trust.We need to have confidence, and pride in our national elections as well as our local elections.

join the trust in elections network

add your voice to the conversation

Did you vote in recent elections? Why or why not? How do you feel about the significance of your vote?

Interested in becoming a Project Partner?

Building Trust in Elections is arguably our most compelling call to action for 2024, so let’s work together to help large numbers of people feel that local impact is achievable! 

We would love to point to your resources! If you have something around safe, fair, and trusted elections let us know! We are looking for project partners in diverse communities and online to track how conversations on trust in elections can:

  • Help recruit people to become poll workers 
  • Encourage participants to register to vote or become more committed to voting
  • Lead to organizing other LRCs such as Does My Vote Really Matter & Public Service and the Community, individually or in libraries or other group settings
  • Lead to participants organizing, attending or viewing additional bridging resources, including signing up for AllSides News
  • Lead to cross country conversation about trust in elections to build national trust

And the fundamental question – Do actions taken lead to increased trust in elections locally and nationally?

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