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Are you a Minnesotan interested in hosting or participating in local Living Room Conversations groups? Are you a like-minded bridging organization that would like to share your local events, campaigns, and resources? Here is the place to do it!

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Did you know Minnesota is home to over 10,000 lakes and even more bridge-builders*? We are giving Minnesotan bridgers a starting point to connect with other locals and local organizations to find resources, events, and more.

*a bridge-builder is someone who is working to bring themselves and others together across differences!

Better Together Film Festival + other local events

Looking for an event where you can really connect with other locals? Look no further! Running in tandem with the National Week of Conversation‘s Better Together Film Festival AND the Minneapolis St. Paul International Film Festival, these film screening and events will bring everyone together.

National Week of Conversation

Are you hosting a film screening or other conversation event in Minnesota during the National Week of Conversation? Click here to submit your event for review and we will add it to the calendar! Do you want to host a film screening? Get more information and sign up!

Minnesota bridging campaigns

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Living Room Conversations focus for 2024 is “Trust in Elections“.  We are really excited for all of the opportunities to bring people together and help repair and build relationships across all political affiliations. If you are interested in getting something started in your local Minnesota community and want support, please fill out the form below.

Braver Angels

Braver Angels, a national nonprofit with a chapter in Minnesota, brings two campaigns to Minnesota. Read more about them below.

“Reduce the Rancor, Minnesotalaunched March 11 as a statewide campaign led by Braver Angels to reduce hostility and increase respect in public and private life during the 2024 presidential election year. It features the support and endorsement of prominent leaders and organizations in Minnesota, including our launch-day partners. Co-chairs of the campaign are: Bill Doherty, a co-founder of Braver Angels, and the Rev. Jeff Thiemann, a recently retired executive who has been active at the state and national level with Braver Angels.” Read More…

Talking Sense: “During what promises to be a divisive election year, MPR News and the nonprofit organization Braver Angels are partnering to create Talking Sense, an online and in-person platform to help Minnesotans have hard conversations, better.

Talking Sense will teach Minnesotans how to think through these challenging political conversations in advance, without letting the need to “win” and change minds stand in the way of preserving important relationships.Read More…

the MN Office of Collaboration and Dispute Resolution

Minnesota’s Office of Collaboration and Dispute Resolution(OCDR) is one of a number of government offices in the country dedicated to healthy conflict resolution and working together. 

Their Mission: OCDR was established to provide effective forums for collaborative problem solving, public decision-making and community involvement on contentious public issues and to build capacity within public agencies.

Serving as a statewide catalyst to advance:

  • Sustainable resolution of matters of public interest
  • Effective collaboration and dispute resolution in state and local government
  • Broad use of community mediation throughout Minnesota

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Living Room Conversations

Chelsea Rowles talks about the guides and tips this non-profit offers to help people discuss race, politics, and more “We are committed to helping communities build connections through conversation and we will do our best

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From fragility to kintsugi

By Siri Myhrom. Reprinted from The Huffington Post. My friend Jessica invited me last year to be a part of a project she is developing. She co-hosts and organizes intimate Living Room Conversations about Race and Ethnicity, with people

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