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Over the past several years, we have seen relationships fracture along the lines of political differences. Hardworking Americans of all stripes have lost friends and family because they don’t vote the same way, believe in the same things, or talk about issues the same way. At Living Room Conversations, we believe in providing a way to talk about politics. It isn’t about changing anyone’s opinion. It is about celebrating the diversity of viewpoints of Americans and how our country is stronger not in spite of our political differences, but because of them.

the balance of conversation

We have created this resource page as a vehicle for beginning to have tough conversations on political issues. Whether it is grappling with what it really means to be an American, the impact of political stereotypes in our lives, or the role that money plays in politics, Living Room Conversations has created a guide to get you started.

In addition, making sure that people that do the political conversations pay attention to political balance is a key part of our polarization work.  Political diversity is essential to some conversations. Especially with polarized topics, we encourage you to take extra care to include people who hold different political views. Engaging only with people who hold similar views can lead to further entrenchment of our own beliefs and more polarization.

One way to create political balance is to invite a friend with differing politics to co-host the conversation.   Each person invites two friends. When inviting guests, consider all kinds of differences – age, culture, political leaning, gender – what voices are you most interested to hear from? What voices might best enrich your conversation?

conversational pathways

Talking about politics has a bad rap for being divisive. Our guides are designed to help you navigate this space. If you are interested in meeting with the same group or bringing dialogue to your community, our conversation pathways may be a great place to start.

The conversations are meant to be done in the order they are outlined within the pathways, as they build upon one another, preparing participants for more challenging conversations.”

understanding america

united we stand

more guides

We’ve written some great conversation guides specifically for this time; we also have conversation guides that are relevant now more than ever. Check them out below.

moving forward together

Moving Forward Together started as a two-week series of election-focused conversations for people to come together and share hopes and concerns, to process grief and anxiety, and to relate and build understanding even across political differences. #MoveFwdTogether offers space and time to begin processing and healing with our fellow Americans — together.

watch the kick-off conversation

Watch the live stream of a special, one-hour Living Room Conversation on political peace building with Marianne Williamson, author and activist, Grover Norquist, president of Americans for Tax Reform, John Wood Jr., national leader for Braver Angels & former Vice-Chairman of the Republican Party of Los Angeles County, Amanda Kathryn Roman, Co-Founder: Stakeholders & Strategy, Justine Lee, co-creator of Make America Dinner Again & Tea with the People, and Reverend Pedro Silva, Associate Minister with the First Congregational Church UCC – Boulder.

This conversation event models what conversations in your community around the election could look like – and how we #MoveFwdTogether.

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