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Scheduling Online Conversations

There are many different online platforms you can use to host your Living Room Conversation. We have recently expanded our own capabilities to make scheduling an online conversation easier than ever!

Living Room Conversation’s format makes it easy to have an online conversation. There are multiple platforms you can use as a host. This toolkit will go through 3 different ways a host can schedule an online conversation.

Free Zoom Lines through Living Room Conversations

We have a number of zoom lines available for you to host your own Living Room Conversation. In order to make it easy and accessible for anyone to host an online conversation, we use a platform called Calendly. This will allow you access to one of our paid Zoom accounts. To schedule a time slot, click on the date you would like to hold your conversation and then a time. You will be required to enter the following information in order to schedule one of our Zoom lines:.

  • Name, email, and zip code
  • Topic and number of participants you expect

Then, please agree to:

  • Add your email to our list (e.g., for Weekly Update)
  • Guide your group to follow the Conversation Agreements.
  • Complete the Group Report Form after your conversation

Once you enter the above information, you will get the email with the Zoom link, hosting resources, and staff support options. As an open source platform, we at Living Room Conversations ask for information about your conversation so we can improve our processes. Your zoom line is now scheduled!

The scheduled time slot allows you 90 minutes of conversation time as well as 15 minutes before and after the conversation. Shortly after reserving your time slot you will receive an email with an automatically generated Zoom line for you to share with the others in your group. People with this link will be able to join the conversation without entering any passwords.

Personal Zoom Account

You can always use your own personal Zoom account if you are comfortable doing so and prefer it that way. We do recommend  that you upgrade to a paid version instead of using a free version of Zoom. Besides having access to more capabilities that would help you host your conversation, the biggest reason to having a paid Zoom account for your Living Room Conversation is having more time. In the free version, the Zoom line will only work for 40 minutes. Our conversations are designed to be 60-90 minutes long.

If you are using your own Zoom account, we would still love for you to tell us about your conversation. This helps us gain visibility into how our guides are being used and will allow our staff to support you if needed.

Living Room Conversations Connect was developed in partnership with Allsides and has our guides embedded directly into the platform!