Try your hand at answering a question from one of our guides. You can answer via text, audio, or video by clicking one of the option below. If you’d like to remain anonymous your name is not required. 

This week we ask you:

past responses

#24. What would a society that values racial and ethnic differences look like? What hopes and fears come up for you when thinking about that society? (Interracial Race and Ethnicity)

#23. When thinking about practicing self-compassion, what do you do well? What gets in your way? What would you like to improve? (Self-Compassion)

#22. How do you experience hope? What do you have hope for? (Hope)

#21. When was the last time you had a transformational experience? What happened? (Search for Purpose)

#20. What experiences have you had sharing your traditions with others? When have others shared traditions with you? What was that like? (Holidays and Traditions)

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